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All you need is a smartphone!

A new way of learning that uses technology to teach spelling 

Hey Alexa.....

Teach me to spell

What if we could integrate the science of technology with the art of learning?

Well, WE DID! 

Your AI Teacher.

We enable you to exponentially expand your learner's word exposure and learning sessions to complement structure tutoring and teaching - guided practicng between formal sessions.

Analytics & Insights

You no longer have to rely on quiz or test results. The system is ever adapting to your learning needs and your progress of difficulty, proficiency, and mastery is visible at all times.

1:1 Mission

For every learning subscriber, we sponsor a child to overcome learning challenges, a 1-on-1 battle we all can contribute to and WIN.  Our passion: a child, then class, then school, then county, & then country.


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