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RoteIt Voice Bot: Word List quick reference

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Quick Help Guide to Adding Words and creating a Word List

The "Add a Word List" webform is accessed through the link that is sent from the RoteIt system to your mobile device as a text message. This blog article is a quick reference, a more detailed guide can be found here.

Need a link to the Word List webform, go here.


"Add a Word List" web form

Step 1: Word List name & adding words

Page 1 of 2 for the "Add a Word List" form

1) Give your word list an easy to say name.

2) Type the first word

3) Click “Add Word”

Repeat for as many words as you like.

Swipe right to edit. Swipe left to delete.

4) Once Word List is complete, then click “Next”

Step 2: Configure & Submit

Page 2 of 2 for the "Add a Word List" form

1) Optional: If the words will be included on a future test beyond the immediate quiz, select the box.

2) Optional: Adjust the Quiz assessment date for when this word list will be tested for grading.

3) Required: Provide a curriculum name. Use a school name if the word list is custom.

Last) Click Finish

Final Step:

On Alexa app or device say: “Alexa, start Teacher Robot”

Congrats, you are now ready to use your first RoteIt word list!


How to get a link to the "Adding a Word List" webform

The webform link is sent from the RoteIt system through voice commands.

Steps to obtain a link to the webform:

  1. Activate RoteIt: Say, "Alexa, open Teacher Robot"

  2. Goto Skill Setup: Say, "Alexa, skill setup"

  3. Ask for a link: Say, "Alexa, add a word list"

RoteIt will now send you a link in a text (SMS) message to your registered device.


If you have questions or comments, we really (really) want to hear from you. Please send us a quick message on your experience by sending a chat message using the messenger anywhere on our site. We strive each day to provide a better experience for our customers and learners, which we cannot do without your voice being heard. Talk soon!

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