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RoteIt Voice Bot: Word List quick reference

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Quick Help Guide to Adding Words and creating a Word List

The "Add a Word List" webform is accessed through the link that is sent from the RoteIt system to your mobile device as a text message. This blog article is a quick reference, a more detailed guide can be found here.

Need a link to the Word List webform, go here.


"Add a Word List" web form

Step 1: Word List name & adding words

Page 1 of 2 for the "Add a Word List" form

1) Give your word list an easy to say name.

2) Type the first word

3) Click “Add Word”

● Repeat for as many words as you like.

● Swipe right to edit. Swipe left to delete.

4) Once Word List is complete, then click “Next”

Step 2: Configure & Submit

Page 2 of 2 for the "Add a Word List" form

1) Optional: If the words will be included on a future test beyond the immediate quiz, select the box.

2) Optional: Adjust the Quiz assessment date for when this word list will be tested for grading.

3) Required: Provide a curriculum name. Use a school name if the word list is custom.

Last) Click Finish

Final Step:

On Alexa app or device say: “Alexa, start Teacher Robot”

Congrats, you are now ready to use your first RoteIt word list!


How to get a link to the "Adding a Word List" webform

The webform link is sent from the RoteIt system through voice commands.

Steps to obtain a link to the webform:

  1. Activate RoteIt: Say, "Alexa, open Teacher Robot"

  2. Goto Skill Setup: Say, "Alexa, skill setup"

  3. Ask for a link: Say, "Alexa, add a word list"

RoteIt will now send you a link in a text (SMS) message to your registered device.


If you have questions or comments, we really (really) want to hear from you. Please send us a quick message on your experience by sending a chat message using the messenger anywhere on our site. We strive each day to provide a better experience for our customers and learners, which we cannot do without your voice being heard. Talk soon!

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