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RoteIt - A message from our Founders

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

Hello, and thank you for joining the RoteIt community. We are so honored, pleased, and thankful for your willingness to try a new and innovative approach to meeting your student's learning needs. We have many things in common with the many families that are blessed and challenged with learning disabilities, developmental delay, learning frustration, attention deficit hyper-activity disorder (ADHD), and the blessing of taking on the challenge of continually directing, managing interest, and creatively challenging a high aptitude child. It is facing these among our own families each and every day that caused us to seek a better way...none existed, so we got to work inventing one that does.

We believe that if we focus on the foundation of a challenge and problem occuring today, we can bring forth a solution and begins resolve with the growing generation. We believe that our modern day advancements in technology, machine learning, deep learning, neural-networks, and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to enhance, improve, and accelerate EVERY human being versus fearing them being our demise or bringing us to extinction. We believe the human mind is ever expanding in its reveal of human capability, capacity, and elasticity...and look to neuroscience for this evidence. We have a heart-felt, empathetic passion that all human beings can excel, achieve, and contribute to the greater benefit of their own happiness through mastery of a craft. Most interests and vocations begin with their terms, vocabulary, and in today's emoji culture acronyms. As the Scripps National Spelling Bee exemplifies through word phonetic announcement and student reciting of spelling, rote memorization is the key to its beginning. And that's where we found our name, RoteIt. The foundation of memorization and recall are paramoutn to learning of terminology, language, and putting to use the concepts acquired.

And last, but not least, is that our heart aches to see children in need. Even more so for a capable child lost inside its environment, or another soiled with an institutional label of limitation. If 'knowledge is power", and 'a child's mind is a terrible thing to waste then why are we consistently allowing an underfunded, broken education system build on Industrial Revolution 1.0 when we're crossing the chasm of 4.0?

We believe that it is our personal, social, and corporate responsibility to solve problems for a customer, then pay it forward in a 1-for-1 (1:1) initiative to assist an individual less fortunate and/or in greater need. With your subscription, we honor your child through a sponsorship of a complementary service to a child in need. Its not us paying back, its YOU paying it forward.

And who knows, maybe our radical idea that the same neighborhoods in Cleveland or NYC that gave us HipHop and Rap artists will also give us an upcoming year's E.W. Scripps National Spelling Bee CHAMPION!

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