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RoteIt Installation: Enable & setup the Alexa Skill

This blog entry is a manual on how to 1) install the RoteIt Alexa Skill and 2) perform the initial setup.

Included in this blog:

Recommended next step: Add your first Word List


Before you get started: What you’ll need

Thing 1) In this manual, we will show how to install the RoteIT Skill (like an app for Alexa) on your Alexa powered device (Echo, Dot, etc.) or Alexa mobile phone app. You must have one of these (phone or Alexa device) in order for the service to operate. You will receive the same Alexa Skill experience on a device or a mobile phone using the Alexa app.

  • If you will be using your smart phone, these instructions assume that you have already installed the Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device. If you have not yet done so, then please follow these instructions to setup the app on your mobile device.

Thing 2) A mobile device that can receive text (SMS) messages is required. The mobile device is used for :

  • Flash Cards,

  • Changing the active word list,

  • Review the Quiz Review session results.


Already know Alexa? Follow these quick start steps

Already know how to install and use Alexa Skills? Then these few steps are your quickest way to get started. If not, no worries, go to the in-depth guide below.

Here is how to install the RoteIt "Teacher Robot skill by searching for it within the Alexa App. A quick 2 minute video of the same steps immediately below.

Quick start instructions

  1. Purchase a plan

  2. Open the Alexa app on your smart phone, search for "rote it beta", and then Enable to Use

  3. Start the Skill by saying “Alexa, open Teacher Robot”

  4. Follow the initial skill setup to link your mobile phone number

  5. A link will be sent through text message to add your first word list

Quick 2 minute video to demonstrate the above instruction steps



Step by Step guide for installing the RoteIt skill

This section provides a detailed guide to installing the RoteIt skill on your smart phone's Alexa app or Alexa powered device.

!! If you have already followed the Quick start Steps above, then you should proceed to adding your first Word List

Step 1 - Find the invitation Email received after RoteIt signup

After visiting the RoteIt website and completing your purchase of a Plan, you received a welcome email that looked like this (---->>) and clicked the Get Started button that led you to our Start Here! blog posts.

Step 2 - Enable the RoteIt skill by search inside the Alexa app.

Open the Alexa app on your phone or tablet device. If you do not have the Alexa app installed, you can follow these instructions to get the app installed on Android, IOS, or Kindle. Please note that you also must be signed into your Alexa app. Please follow each step in the video below. We recommend you watch one instruction step in the video and then perform this same step in your Alexa app.

If you get tripped up at any point, please just start a Chat session with us and we'll be there to help!

Step 3 - How to start/evoke the RoteIt Alexa skill

Once you see the "Enable" button turn into the "Disable Skill" button (picture on right), this means that you have successfully enabled the Skill on your Alexa account and provided the necessary permissions! The skill is live and active on your mobile device and any Alexa powered devices connected to your account.

Use any of the sample Activation phrases to open the skill on your mobile phone Alexa app or Alexa powered device.

  • "Alexa, open Teacher Robot" or

  • "Alexa, start Teacher Robot"

>>> Special help section: If Alexa does not respond to your voice command

If the above phrase does not work immediately when simply said aloud, then please try these tips to make sure that Alexa knows to listen:

  • On your mobile device, press the Alexa icon

  • On some mobile devices using the latest Alexa app version, you can simply open the Alexa mobile app and say “Alexa”,

  • On Alexa powered devices (like Echo, Dot, View), simply say “Alexa

Using any of these methods will activate Alexa and now you can say “Open Teacher Robot”. This is called the Alexa Activation Phrase.

<<< End help section

When you hear the welcome phrase "Hello, welcome to RoteIt" then you know that you have successfully entered the Alexa skill and continue the skill setup!

Step 4 - Setup of RoteIt skill

Now that the skill is active, the Skill will guide you through the initial setup process. Please note that the Skill setup will require access to a mobile device that can receive text (SMS) messages. Please ask an adult, parent, or guardian for assistance if needed.

For this section, you can either follow the listed steps or watch the instructional video.

Instructional Steps

  1. First you will be asked to say your 10 digit phone number, it has to be a phone number for a mobile or cellular device that can receive SMS text messages. Speak the 10 digit phone number when prompted (do not pause or say number separators like “dash”).

    1. *Please note that only United States and Canada mobile phone numbers are supported at this time.

  2. RoteIt will confirm the phone number that it heard by reading it back to you. Please follow the prompts to confirm that the number is correct or if it is not correct.

  3. Once you have confirmed the correct number, RoteIt will send an initial message to test the connection. RoteIt will wait for you to confirm that you have received the text message before continuing.

    1. If you don't receive a text (SMS) message in 3 to 5 seconds, RoteIt will guide you through gathering your mobile phone number again. Sometimes this solves an incorrect number or sometimes the SMS is just randomly dropped by your mobile carrier.

  4. Once you do receive the text message, open it to see the “Rote It: Add a Word List” webpage. This webpage will enable you to add your first Word List to the RoteIt system. Additional details on how to use the Word list form can be found in this RoteIt blog post.

This concludes your full instructions in how to install Alexa, enable the RoteIt Alexa Skill (aka Teacher Robot), and complete your RoteIt setup.

Next, add your first Word List!

If you have questions or comments, we really (really) want to hear from you. Please send us a quick message on your experience by sending a chat message using the messenger anywhere on our site. We strive each day to provide a better experience for our customers and learners, which we cannot do without your voice being heard. Talk soon!

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