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RoteIt Installation: Initial Word List

Welcome RoteIt learners. This blog entry continues & completes the one-time, initial setup of the RoteIt Alexa skill. This next step assumes that you have already completed the steps to enable the RoteIt Alexa skill and proceeded through the initial setup (mobile phone number).

Purpose: RoteIt requires a Word List in order to function. Until you add a Word List through the webpage form, RoteIt will continue to remind you when you enter the skill and send you a SMS message with a link to add a Word List.


If you hear from Alexa"Welcome to RoteIt, you'll need to add a word list ..."

This message means that you have not added an initial Word List in order for your RoteIt learning to begin.

When you activate the RoteIt Alexa Skill and hear the phrase above, you will receive a text message to the phone number that you configured during the initial setup. This link will lead you to a webpage form.

There is a quick guide on how to use the Adding Word List form or you can access the longer guide here.

Once you complete the form, then come back to the Alexa skill and now experience the rich features to begin your learning adventure!


If you have questions or comments, we really (really) want to hear from you. Please send us a quick message on your experience by sending a chat message using the messenger anywhere on our site. We strive each day to provide a better experience for our customers and learners, which we cannot do without your voice being heard. Talk soon!

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