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RoteIt Voice Bot: Word List full guide

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Welcome RoteIt users.

This blog is a detailed guide on how-to add or change a Word List. If you are looking for a shorter, quicker reference, please head here.


Using the two page webform to change the active Word List

The first two videos provide RoteIt learners a complete demonstration through the steps for adding a word list to your new RoteIt Alexa Skill. We recommend watching both videos on the two pages and then try it for yourself!

Missing a link to the webform, go here to request one.

Form page 1 of 2: Provide the Word List name and words to be learned

Page 2 of 2: Provide Word List information & submit.


Instruction Snippets: How to edit and delete words from the list

These snippets are small sections of the instructions above, showing how to:

How to edit a word that has been added to the list.

How to delete a word that has been added to the Word List.


If you have questions or comments, we really (really) want to hear from you. Please send us a quick message on your experience by sending a chat message using the messenger anywhere on our site. We strive each day to provide a better experience for our customers and learners, which we cannot do without your voice being heard. Talk soon!

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